Sports Massage by Doug Brown, Portland ORegon


  Doug Brown peaceful massage

I recently started having massages by Doug to deal with back and leg problems that were impeding my performance in running and biking. After two treatments, I noticed how much stronger I was biking. Doug relieved me of my leg aches that were slowing me down. His therapeutic techniques really do provide maximum effectiveness and better results. He is able to read my body and then target each session to what my body is telling him. No two sessions are alike, which tells me Doug is very responsive to client needs. He is the best investment in my health I can make!

Vicki Wise, Portland OR

Doug Brown has been treating me with massage for 10 years and I heartily recommend him! Doug is a very experienced runner so he knows what can go wrong. Most importantly, he puts in the hard work needed for massage to go deep and loosen up muscles. I owe it to Doug that while he has been treating me I have gone from running marathons in my fifties to running marathons in my sixties, with no need for layoffs.

Rex Surface, Portland OR

I am a runner, cyclist, and occasional triathlete who has been going to Doug Brown for over 3 years. Doug's deep tissue massage techniques and knowledge of the athletes body have helped me overcome countless injuries, and has enabled me to continue training and racing.

Maureen Kavanagh, Portland OR

I have been a long time client of Doug Brown, LMT.  His work is specialized to the needs of his client.  I work physically in my job, and when I get injured I need to feel better fast.  Doug's trigger work therapy and deep massage specific to my issues addresses my problem and resolves so much faster than other therapies.   I highly recomend Doug's work.   

Patricia Faris 21 years LMT, runner for 28 years