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About Doug Brown


Hello, and welcome.

Doug Brown, Massage Therapist Portland OR, specializing in Deep Tissue Athletic and Sports MassageI have been a competitive runner for many years with a lifetime best 2:38 marathon to my credit. As such, I have found receiving regular bodywork, primarily massage and occasional chiropractic, to be invaluable in keeping me injury free and able to run. On the rare occasions I have been injured, massage has helped me heal faster and avoid unnecessary surgery or medications (anti-inflammatories). It has also contributed to a general feeling of well being and deep relxation.

Because of my deep appreciation for massage, I enrolled in massage school in 1995 and subsequently obtained my Oregon massage license in 1996. I find that doing massage work and helping others is deeply rewarding. I have a real passion for doing massage.

Since obtaining my license, I have focused primarily on honing my skills as a practitioner of deep tissue, therapeutic massage. I have a natural advantage because of my sensitivity (palpation skills — the ability to feel the muscle tissue), scientific knowledge of the body, and strong hands.

In addition to techniques specific to various muscles, I have received specialized training from chiropractors and other massage therapists in such areas as PNF stretching techniques, trigger point therapy and side lying massage. I have also learned many skills from having received massage work from many excellent practitioners, figuring out what works and what doesn't in various and numerous situations.

I have a natural advantage when working on runners, since I have experienced many of the same injuries or problems myself, and I know what massage techniques work best. I have a strong understanding of some of the causative factors contributing to the challenges runners face. For example, tight calf muscles are usually associated with tightness in the other leg extension muscles, the hamstrings and the gluteals.

My massage sessions are never rushed, and I focus primarily on the problem areas. I believe that the main reason massage is so effective is not only because it addresses the problem (muscle tightness) at the root level, but also because a caring therapist can take the time necessary to obtain the maximum desired result. Healing takes time. Massage can help shorten the time necessary to heal fully.

Thank you for taking the time to read my massage biography. I look forward to being of assistance to you and taking care of your massage needs in the future.